In 1988, Gail Ingwall had what she likes to call a 'growth year'.  Several things happened and she realized her spiritual life was not enough to handle the bigger problems life had put in her path.  She went on a search and began studying with Self Realization Fellowship.  Within the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, she learned meditation and Kriya Yoga

Through the understanding and unfoldment meditation brought, Gail sought the energy healing technique of Reiki.  She became a Reiki Master in 1992 through the American Reiki Association and was soon a popular Reiki teacher.  (You may remember her at that time as Gail Armitage)   

Over the past 20 years, Gail has taught hundreds of students.  Her Lineage follows Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Iris Ishakuru, Dr. Arthur Robertson, and Caroline Boddie (her teacher).  Gail continues to use Reiki in her daily life and has experienced many wonderful blessings through this wonderful universal healing energy

”Eighteen years ago, I took my first Reiki class with Gail Ingwall and obtained my Level I certificate.  This was a step that I have never regretted.   I found Gail to be a very thorough and conscientious teacher. She taught in a way that was easily understood, answered all and any questions and covered all of the information carefully and completely.

She explained that Reiki isn't just a tool, but something that is used with compassion and understanding for all.  I  took my Level II and Level III (Master's) courses with Gail and have been using Reiki at every opportunity that avails itself to me. I feel that I couldn't have gone to a better teacher and am grateful for the time and effort that she put into teaching all of her classes.  Gail teaches from her heart.”  Patricia Sammy, Reiki Master

Wanting to centre her focus on teaching and sharing, in 2005, Gail became a minister with the Centre for Spiritual Living. The church was founded on the teachings of Ernest Holmes and their philosophy is “Awakening Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence’.  This is done through positive living classes to help you gain the knowledge and skills to change your thinking and change your life.  Gail has been staff minister with the church in Toronto

"I attended Gail's "Zero to Healer" course a few years ago. This course is based on the beliefs of Emma Curtis Hopkins, a theologian and teacher who created a 12 step belief system that helped people to heal themselves and others. I thoroughly enjoyed Gail's class! It helped me to get through a difficult time period in my life and I still use the methods taught by her today. Gail is an excellent teacher and one of life's very gentle souls. Thank you Gail for the knowledge you have shared with me in your class!" K Smith