Creating Life Every Moment

Today I recognize and know that I am creating my life every moment of each day. My thoughts are going forth into the unmanifest creating for me exactly what I think about through the emotions I express in my mind from the environment of thoughts zipping in and out throughout the day.

I stand now and affirm that I have control over my thoughts and I refuse to allow any negativity to enter into my divine space.

I look at the world with new eyes, I see love everywhere, I see beauty, I see peace.

This is the life that I now create. I live and move and think in an atmosphere of grace and love, beauty and divine knowing. I celebrate this day, I celebrate my life and I love who I am. I walk forward knowing that it is all good and so it is.

Rev Gail

I awaken to the Truth

Today, I awaken to the Truth of my divinity as a being of light, and my life unfolds with a sense of purpose, revealing untapped levels of wisdom and spiritual perception.  I see my life illumined before me as I step into my greatness, my purpose, and my soul’s journey. 

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